Friday, August 16, 2013

Conquer Headwinds, Admire Flowers

I haven't felt much inspiration nor energy lately. Plaguing headwinds haven't helped.

Tucking my head, pounding pedals—like the speed demons that pass me—fails to invigorate my commute. Time to refocus, concentrate on roadside wildflowers.

However, to my dismay, road crews recently mowed. Rats..

However, I spy day lilies bordering property.

Roadside pickings: a brand new mega sponge!

Good timing. I watch a young farmer in shorts and flip flops prepare to let his herd cross the road.

There are many 10-acre lots for sale.

Houses also. Some have been on the market for a long time—so long that the lawn is swallowing the sign.

Hmmm, less traffic. Nice. Must be later than usual. Of course, it's bound to happen when I take photos every few minutes...

Favorite spotting: hay rolls. Much prettier than bales.

Home made signs. Gotta love'em.

Especially this one.

Headwinds? What headwinds?

 I found flowers.

The nicest, however, are in my employers' garden.

I'm counting on a tailwind on my way home.

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  1. The sponge... The cool stuff you find that you wouldn't see if in a car.
    Pick your own sunflowers... never seen that before not even here in the sunflower state.


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