Friday, June 28, 2013

When Not Riding

Inspecting bike racks at dawn.
Timing of cross-town kids' camps and appointments eat away opportunities to commute by bike everyday. Such is life. I cannot remain still, however. Over the last few years, I've become an early riser, which allows me to squeeze exercise time into a busy schedule, even if it's not pushing pedals.

A Schwinn captures my eye. Nice basket up front.
 When not riding, I walk at 5:30 a.m.

 When not riding, I notice parked bicycles and wonder about their history.

I observe stark lighting on architecture.
 When not riding, I do yoga, swim laps, pull weeds in my gardens.

Early bike commuters are sometimes fleeting. 
When not riding I notice I have tight calf muscles. I hang my heels off a step and stretch.

Nothing short of miraculous, there is a horseshoe on the sidewalk.
When not riding I stumble upon a horseshoe. Really. It must be my lucky day!


  1. Walking has a rhythm and feel all its own. There must be something basic and essential about it, because that is (apparently) the exact same rhythm your feet will strike up on the bicycle, if left to choose their own lazy pace. According to the experts.

  2. Hahah now I think the horse shoe is the strangest thing I have seen.

    1. It blew me away. I wondered how it ever got there...


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