Thursday, May 9, 2013

Frogs and Cows Love Rain

W'eve been in a drought for a while. Wildfires popped up, which is an usual occurrence for the Northeast. So, with the onset of dark skies, thunder, and wetness falling from the heavens just before I hopped on my bike for the ride home from work, I didn't care that I forgot my rain gear.

Frogs chirped loudly as if there was a celebration in the wetlands. And I laughed out loud as I passed a dairy farm. The cows inside the barn bellowed! Too early for miking time. They knew it was finally raining. Probably dreaming of fresh grass to come.

I felt like singing. Wide grins. Cooling wetness on my sandaled feet. I love the earthy smell emanating from wet pavement. I turn my watch face downward on my wrist. Drink long swigs from my water bottle. Listen to gravel as it collects on my front tire and scrapes around inside of fender. Have to look into that later.

A big collective sigh. Bring on the rain.


  1. And Annies, I think. Frogs and Cows and Annies. And Rantwicks.


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