Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With the Hub on His Commute

A dreamy ride along the Winooski River.
I mentioned to my husband how I'd like to ride with him someday on his commute. And just like that, the following day promised fine weather, our youngest boy felt okay with staying home alone for an hour (though that was a last minute decision on his part), until older boy arrived, and I scampered out the door to catch a shuttle bus to Waterbury.

I almost missed The Hub. He was pedaling away from me across his workplace parking lot, but I frantically waved and yelled. Thank goodness, he eventually noticed me. That's the last time I talk someone's ear off on a bus ride and forget to call ahead.

The fifteen mile ride from Waterbury to Richmond along The River Road is the quietest, dreamiest ride you could ask for. It makes my ride to work resemble a freeway. There are houses along the way: converted barns, one schoolhouse charmingly now a home, double-wide trailers, and also a few rundown places sprouting derelict automobiles, but thankfully, no subdivisions. Mostly, the road hugs the Winooski River, includng a nice 4-mile dirt section.

The Round Church in Richmond. Many weddings occur here every year.
I made The Hub stop for an obligatory blog photo, which turned out to be fortuitous. Just below where we propped our bikes against the guardrail, two beavers swam in the river. One promptly darted away; the other smacked his tail in warning and dove under water. Considering my husband's moose siting last year, I shouldn't be so surprised.

That's The Hub in yellow slicker behind the crosswalk sign.
Once in Richmond, we pedal across the red bridge and end our ride, then place the bikes on our car's rack for the 15 minute drive home.


  1. What a great ride. We don't have beavers here in Australia, we do have platypuses but they are rare and not often seen, it's alway exciting seeing animals on a ride. Vicki

    1. And you have wombats, which I thought were darling chunky-looking creatures, except we only saw dead ones in the wild. They resembled an upturned table. Poor things!


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