Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Overdressed for Spring?

It was nearing 37 F. when I pushed off on my bicycle to shop for our sons' Easter baskets. But with a chilling north wind and snow on the ground, I've learned to overdress just to be on the safe side. It can be the difference between enjoying the ride or wishing I stayed at home.

I donned long underwear, capri length pants, shirt, fleece hoody, and windproof insulated coat, plus headband, and the warmest gloves I own. I could battle headwinds and dropping temperatures, however, I left the hand and toe warmers at home. Brief stops would warm up nippy feet. I was very comfortable, even downright hot when I later met my boy at his school. I'll take that over dancing with a brain bucket like I need to use the bathroom, trying to stimulate life into frigid limbs while my child takes what seems like hours to part with his friend. When we arrived home I was shocked to discover the temperature had risen into the high 40s F.

Packing pannier with goodies from the dollar store. Kids will love
 the microwave popcorn, Mac n' Cheese, bubble gum and boy toys
 (caps and  body-noise gadget).
Spring is definitely on its way. I take my cue from the Canadian geese who've made their first pass over Burlington only yesterday, honking and flying northward. A most welcome sight!


  1. Exactly! I was toasty warm all weekend getting out & about walking & cycling in some very cold winds and snow. Uber unclassy longjohns did the job. Roll on spring though and that nice warm air

    1. Spring is coming! We're expecting 1" of snow this evening so I'll do some maintenance on my mountain bike this weekend and start riding to work on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!


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