Thursday, March 21, 2013

Of Commuting Dreams and Snow

Trees haven't begun to leaf out in mid-March.

Dreaming of bike commuting, I gain fitness pedaling around town. Sweeps downhill to the waterfront to contemplate water and summer loops around the lake. I ponder a bike trip south in late September. Bike juices continually flow. 

From my blogging office, outdoors looks monochromatic, especially when fat snowflakes drift down, dusting our neighborhood. Smoke curls from chimneys. 

After the heavy snowfall.
Teased with three days in the 50s F., days grow colder again and on Spring's eve eight inches of wet snow covers the ground. It's quite beautiful, though I'll start the work commute much later this year. It's okay. There are some things we'll never be able to predict or control.

Snowy Spring in Vermont. Oh, the joy!

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