Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Deal on Bicycle Cards

I wasn't searching for bicycle cards per se, but when I spied one package in the clearance bin, I figured it was my lucky day! I dug around for more and came up with 18 lovely cards—all for 1.50. I couldn't print my own for that price.

There are rhinestones fore and aft with broken up print that talks of celebrations, candles, and birthdays. I imagine it's likely filler copy for style. The wings are an appropriate metaphor too. Riding a bike gives flight to freedom, wanderlust, or that smiling satisfaction when fitting groceries into panniers.

On the flip side, a miniature emblem tucks into the corner, ready for take off into the sky. It reminded me of the sweet book: The Man Who Rode His Ten Speed Bicycle to the Moon.

In this techno-age I take any opportunity to pen a message to family and friends so I'm tickled at my find. It also made me feel better after my youngest boy kicked my front wheel. Hearing the crack, I looked down in time to watch the reflector skitter through the spokes and fall to the sidewalk. Gee whiz.

What kinds of bikey things have you scored in bargain bins?

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  1. Wow what a deal. I'm always on the look-out for stuff like this. Every time I see a greeting card with a bike I'm tempted to buy it for possible future use but geez with the price of greeting cards. We did find a pack of Paul Frank blank cards with a bike on them last year in a bargain bin somewhere I can't recall.


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