Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Blues Meet Winterfest

Winterfest happens at the beginning of February every year, just when it's the coldest, ice forms on Lake Champlain, and I'm unmotivated to work on bike projects. Getting out to view or take in the festivities always brings a smile to my face. The ice sculpture in front of Leunigs, our French named restaurant with bistro seating and jazz music wafting outside during the warmer months, displayed a wonderful Eiffel Tower sculpture.

Further up on Church Street a small crowd formed around a work in progress. These guys were bundled in layers as the temps hovered around 10F. They displayed a running commentary, all while using blow torches and explaining the process of carving, freezing, thawing and its effects on ice blocks.

A mountainous burger with frothy mug of beer made me want to try this new restaurant, which is purported to have a huge selection of microbrews—my favorite.

Snow had to be trucked in this year. Sculptures abound on waterfront park. I like our Lake Champlain mascot—Champ—the best. There was a hill of snow for children to play on. Skaters enjoyed new ice on a rink beside the skate park. I chose to hang out by a large bonfire next to the Moran plant as firemen toasted marshmallows for s'mores.

Later that day as I was inside typing in front of our bedroom window, the sun came out. February's rays have enough warmth to bask in. It feels like we're over the winter hump. And with days lengthening, things are looking up. When the temps are consistently above 20F, I'll start pecking away at those bike projects, because that means riding for me is just around the corner.


  1. Ice sculptures are stunning...


  2. I love the ice sculptures, they are gorgeous, we would never have them here in Oz, they would melt too quickly. Vicki


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