Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walking the Causeway

Photo credit: Local Motion
I went for a walk along the causeway last weekend, bracing myself against sub zero windchill, especially biting cheek cold from the ice on the bay side. Again, I marvel at the work that went into major repairs. It was a feat of engineering to shore up the rocks that washed away in 2011's spring flooding, then raise the surface level to withstand future damage, plus allow emergency vehicles access to the path. The work is almost done too. It'll be a fine ride come Spring. If you're in the area, check it out. Don appropriate clothing and you can pedal Colchester's 4-mile section right now.

For more information and photos:
Busy Winter for The Island Line and Bike Ferry


  1. Is there any ETA on the actual bridge replacement?

    1. There will never be a bridge. It's a major cut through for sail boats, coast guard, etc. The Big Fix this year is to run larger ferry boats (thus the wider, beefy surfacing) more times - not just on weekends. It will be great for bike overnights and loops around the lake. From Burlington, taking the causeway bypasses a narrow and high volume road to get to the Champlain Islands.

    2. Yep, I know about the "alternate" route, as I had to ride it in 2007. Not horrible, but the Causeway plus ferry would have been much better. I hit it late enough in the season (i.e. post Labor Day) where they weren't running it at all.


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