Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Santa

I promise you, I've been really good this year. If you can't bestow world peace, what I really want for Christmas is:

1. A week of bike mechanic school. Not that I love to work on bikes, mind you, but in the right setting with a masterful teacher, (preferably good looking male, tall and thin) I would thrive. I know just the one: it's in Ashland, Oregon. Taking a class means I have to attend, thus I'm more apt to learn something. After the week is over, I plan to load up the panniers, head to the Pacific Coast, and ride north, then swing inland, following the Columbia River until I get to Portland. I aim to visit old friends and microbreweries.

2. A bike maid. In a perfect world my maid would retrieve my bike from the garage, wipe and lubricate the chain, dust the road dirt from frame and fenders, then knock on my front door, ready to hand my impeccably maintained machine to me. All I have to do is ride.

"Two large mocha lattes, please."
3. Endless cups of good coffee. With that I'd also need the ability to drink bottomless caffeinated drinks without getting the shakes. Jitters and spinning the dials on a combination bike lock equals not good.

4. Footwear that really keeps me warm. By that I mean shoes that fit in toe clips yet have built-in heat. I can never, ever keep my feet warm in the winter beyond a 30 minute ride. From the moment I get on the bike it's a steady decline, so if I start out with cold feet, it gets progressively worse. Nothing like frosted feet to relegate the bikes to storage before I really want to.

5. Santa, if you can't manage #1, I'd like a bike mechanic at my disposal. I was thinking about stowing the school instructor—Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome—in my closet. That way, he'll be handy when I need him. I promise to only use the guy for his intended purpose.

Your forever fan,
Ms. anniebikes


  1. Some interesting Christmas desires there Annie....


  2. Regarding #1, you know that UBI opened a school in Portland, right? That would dovetail right into #3.

    1. What? A school in The Wetland? Well I suppose that's very fitting for bike crazy Portland. In my dream though, I'll stick with the Ashland school. That way I get to ride the coast.

    2. What? You can't ride to the coast from Portland? Pshaw! Admit it: you want to go to the Shakespeare Fest.

  3. Yup, a bike maid sounds just the ticket. Or in my case, a bike butler. One who would fold the laundry, thus giving me more time to get out in the saddle!

    cheers and happy christmas



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