Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Bike-Themed Movies

Ultra athlete and extroardinary camper,
Mark Beaumont. Photo credit: Wikipedia
Just when I thought I'd seen all the bicycle movies ever made, along comes a review from Randy and Nova's Bicycle Scrapbook, recommending two exciting BBC documentaries. Now, coming into this past weekend with frigid November weather settled over Vermont, I liked nothing better than watching a good flick. Both are of adventure cyclist Mark Beaumont as he pedals around the globe and from Anchorage, Alaska to the tip of South America. If you like cycle touring as much as I do, or at least living it vicariously, make a cup of tea (or four) and settle in for the ride. It's amazing. Available on YouTube.

Mark has also written a book, which appeals to cyclists more than arm chair travelers. I'll add this one to my Christmas list.

The Man Who Cycled the World
The Man Who Cycled the Americas


Photo credit: IMDb
Another movie of note: The Flying Scotsman. My husband stumbled on this one on Netflix. It's a true account of Graeme Obree's personal trials, plus his ability to smash the one hour record. The Scottish scenery is a highlight along with how Graeme comes up with a unique bike frame design. There are humorous attempts to appease a finicky cycling federation that seems eternally out to get him. It's ultimately an uplifting movie, but be forewarned about the first two minutes of the film: it is disturbing but does end okay, if you need assurance as I did. Personally, I'd fast forward through the rough stretch. You won't miss anything important.


  1. I can support you recommendations here...All three films are worth the time not riding your bike in order to watch them....


  2. Thanks for letting us know about the BBC documentaries, will check them out. I watched the Flying Scotsman a few years back and it's a great movie.


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