Friday, October 5, 2012


A brisk morning. I just dropped my youngest boy off at his school. Without specific plans, I wander.

Aha! There's a new sign, finally, alerting non-motorized travelers to the frequently used steep route to the lakefront. Long ago, Depot Street was filled with trucks, back when Shell Oil's tanks lined the shore and Pease grain elevator dumped its cargo into train storage cars. Since the early 1990s, the street provided easy access for pedestrians and cyclists. Now, tourist and North End newcomers will know the way.

Oh, happy day! I know it looks insignificant, but this pavement patch makes me smile. With frequent waterfront festivals needing electricity, there were areas with uplifted asphalt, someone's idea of hasty coverage to hide the electrical lines. If you habitually ride this area, you needed to stand in the pedals for a moment to absorb the bumps's jolting shock. It's now a welcome, smooth transition.

A clear day across the lake.

 Geese huddle on the sandbars.

I take a moment to enjoy the golden trees on Perkins Pier. This year, Vermont is back on track for foliage viewing. It should be peak soon in the Champlain Valley.

Memories flood my mind. I used to bring my boys to this tiny playground, then we'd watch the trains at the nearby engine roundhouse.


  1. So cool that you dropped your son off on a bike. A lot of nostalgia swirling around with the leaves for us too. The season is filled with reflection and a certain optimism too. Enjoy!

    1. Actually, he rode his long board that morning I think. Anyway, yes, we both go by our own transportation.

  2. I know you will share some vermont foliage with me, right? I mean, I hold a contest and everything...

  3. Keep your excitement in check, Mr. Rantwick. Of course I'll enter your silly contest. I have to make sure I supply the winning entry so I'm going to be picky. Here in the foliage state, we take pride in our Autumn colors.

  4. Lovely photos Annie! Love your whole bike ensemble in the first photo - it speaks Annie. Nice green jacket too!


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