Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Shoe/Show Time!

Shoes appear on frosty mornings. Wool socks. Gloves. Headband.

I wear a fleece top snuggled beneath a windbreaker.

Because of our proximity to Lake Champlain, which moderates temperatures in autumn, foliage arrives later.

Imagine the Champlain Valley as a basin that absorbs color.

Maybe our region retains foliage the longest. There are red sumac, golden lindens, yellow leafed cherry trees.

Who can forget our famous maples? Every morning I pedal by the state Maple Research Lab, appropriately landscaped with, what else? Oodles of maples. All golden, every tree, at the same time. We take our maple products pretty seriously here, of course. Enough to warrant intensive research.

I love it when the late sun is just right, spreading a puddle of sunshine on the trees and field.

This is one of my favorite parts of my commute. I've mentioned this shag bark hickory before.

Evening skies sport moody cloud cover, perfect for photographing the changing trees.

This might be my favorite picture of the year.

What about a quilt of leaves? I made this after collecting photos of single trees for a silly contest, which almost seems like a shame when scenes make for better examples of foliage. We take pride in our Autumn, so much so, that Vermonters can be overheard saying "reds are good this year" or "too muted, not enough red". The "season" revolves around how much crimson is on a hillside, which in turn determines whether it's a good or bad year.

If I could only dance on my bike...or ditch it, roll in the leaves, wiggle barefoot under the raining kaleidoscope of color like some goddess welcoming the changing season. Well, I suppose I could actually do these things, but maybe under the cloak of darkness...

A unique slant on fall color with all shades represented: ivy! I discovered this on a brick building in downtown Burlington.
A luscious maple in front of Waterman building, University of Vermont.

Commute home...


  1. Wow, great trees! I agree that sometimes this individual tree thing I do is kind of a bummer. Blame the King. He started it.

  2. Great photos of the fall foliage!


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