Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bern Transportation and The Tricycle

The wave-like structure on the left is the train station.
Taking a train from Zurich to the Swiss capital of Bern, we emerged from underground to a street filled with bicycles.

The yellow streets markings denote a bike and bus lane.
Indeed, there were so many bikes that they were parked two deep. Across the street a mass of bikes filled a fence line. If I wondered whether the Swiss rode bicycles, well, I had my answer.

The sheer density filled me with awe. I wondered whether the population commuted in pairs. If you look closely, many of the bicycles are locked two abreast, especially to the left of the sidewalk.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to observe. We met up with Richie, a brother of a friend, who swept us back inside the transit center for a short train hop closer to his home. Lugging heavy duffel bags, we made it to his house, a quaint, classic, big roof place with the quintessential window boxes overflowing with red geraniums.

Inside, I was fascinated with his daughter's tricycle. The bike is approximately 60 years old, handed down through his child's caregiver. With Internet research, I've discovered that the Wisa-Gloria brand is classic, high-end Swiss manufacturing. This "klassik "model is still sold—in a updated style—for a whopping 219 SF (approx. 250.00 USD.)  Nothing to sneeze at, but then again look at the longevity and smiles one sturdy bike can bring to many generations of youngsters.

Check out the simple mechanics of the seat. Raise and lower according to a child's height.

What a fabulous treasure!

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  1. I smiled when, as soon as you mentioned window boxes on a Swiss home, my mind conjured up red geraniums and they were your very next words. Love the tricycle!


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