Sunday, September 9, 2012

Up Front and Personal

I find I'm attracted to baskets, wire or wicker, and simple front racks that hold homemade containers. More to the point, it's the ability to haul goods and store items where you can keep an eye on them. It makes a lot of sense to me, especially when I do errands.

It's easy to grab my cable lock from the front handbag, lock the bike. Then it's a simple process of unbuckling two straps. I grab the leather handles and go. My wallet, book, camera, and other items are within easy grasp. I have enough space to stow a grocery item or even an iced coffee—sipped so the contents won't slosh and spill. I often place a water bottle there; the cage is in an awkward position on the Ross. Of course, it takes nice weather to make my set-up work. I find that panniers in this situation are cumbersome, more suited to a longer commute.

My Ross with basket on front. In my situation it's unwieldy to use the basket
 as  opposed to the green bag in the  previous photo.
This style seems to be catching on too: a basket secured with leather straps or bungees. I spy three speeds, single speeds with some carry-all contraption hanging from the handlebars or secured to a stable rack. Upright handlebars beg for that personal style.

Do you utilize a front rack or a basket with bracket/straps?

*I will be unplugged for the duration of my adventure.


  1. I have been thinking about putting a front rack on my Raleight DL-1 more of a utility styled one.

  2. I have a basket on my old loopframe and it is really handy and great to be able to see my stuff or grab it easily. Your bag and basket look really good on your Ross, I like the way the moustache bars create a space for them to fit into.


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