Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hinting Fall

Pedaling in refreshing Fall crispness. 
Arriving home from Europe felt like I'd entered a separate time zone, literally and figuratively. When I left in late August, the humid air was stiflingly hot. I thrive in cooler temps so I was looking forward to Switzerland's mountain air. Then, three weeks later, back home, with kids now in school, the trees quickly changing, the basil harvested and made into pesto (thanks, my love), a bumper crop of tomatoes, geese honking their way south, and my youngest boy holding a woolly bear caterpillar in his palm, well—the significance was overwhelming.

A tunnel of change on the street near home. Long shadows.
I've never felt the passage of time as much before. But of course, this was a first for me: disconnected for 21 days (except for a few e-mails). In that short span, next door neighbors put their house on the market. It was disconcerting, but not unexpected. On the upside, my youngest boy scored a new bike from their moving sale.

Neighborhood color.
Riding has been sublime. I am in my optimal element. A splash of autumn color, black tights, a vest or fleece jacket, and socks with sandals. All this plus a lip-smacking huge, tart Macintosh apple for mid morning snack.


  1. Love this post Annie...!


  2. Post like these make me miss New England falls, but not New England winters!

    I wouldn't mind a little fall weather 'round these parts. Not that I'm pushing for the rainy season to start now (though some rain will put out the fires), but we've been pushing 75F and up more than not. And will for awhile.


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