Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back in a Familiar Saddle

Back from Europe, I am back to my old habits: drinking coffee in a cafe
and blogging, while keeping an eye on my bike.

I was happy to arrive home last Saturday, at 1 a.m. After a marathon layover in Newark, and talking my husband's ear off, I must have fallen asleep around 2:30. All too soon I felt the presence of someone beside me. At first I thought I was still in France. The pine boards on our sleeping porch resemble narrow French streets. I was pedaling with my two girlfriends, but then a banner said "Happy 50th Mom". Egads, isn't that sign in my house? I groggily came around. Then I squinted (can't see without my glasses) and recognized my youngest boy standing beside our bed. I smiled and pulled him under the covers with me for a while.

It's good to be home.

I have gobs of photos and a journal full of memories. Switzerland. France. High speed trains. Plane flights. Good cheese, wine, and baguettes... every night! There is so much to tell. No regrets.


  1. Welcome back, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Welcome back Annie! Wine, Cheese, Baguettes and Bikes, oh my... can't wait to read.

  3. Welcome home. A trip is always exciting, but, that sudden feeling of the familiar when you get home is like slipping into a warm bath.


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