Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Birthday and French Frenzy

My big birthday arrived, complete with this wonderful banner. Our two boys are pretty awesome and creative. Note the "wheel" inside the "0" in "50". There is no question as to my passion...

I rather like this view as I stepped inside our house. Lots of color.

Reccommended map (2.5k=1"), a journal (from a lawn sale),
 and the Rough Guide tour book.
50 is looking pretty good these days, and as one of my birthdays cards said, "It's the new 30." Now I would agree that mentally I think like a 30 year old, but physically—no way. Still, I can't complain.

The downhill slide is all the more reason to celebrate, and celebrate we will. My compatriot, Patty, and I are planning a bike ride in Provence. Lavender, Roman ruins, wine, the Mediterranean are all on the agenda. With minimal mileage—say 30 miles per day—we'll be rockin women on two wheels.

But, there's more. Another 50-something lady, Michelle, will make us a trio. She is a novice to bike touring, but with her gumption and willingness to go-with-the-flow, I think it'll work out. We are delighted to have her.

So what happened here, you may ask? When Patty and I began the planning, the travel was infectious and her boyfriend wanted to hike with her in Switzerland. Hut reservations and time constraints required that it happen before our France tour. They asked if I also wanted to tag along. Does a Frenchman like wine? Heck, yeah! So what began as a ladies-only adventure has turned into a two-part holiday.

The picture if a copy of Patty's 50th card from her son. I think it's appropriate
 for my journal. Notice the dual packing list.
On the agenda:
  • Fly into Switzerland
  • Relax for a day
  • Train to Zermatt
  • Hike hut to hut for 8 days (about 6 people)
  • Train to Avignon, France (husbands and boyfriends go home)
  • Rent bikes and tour for 8 days, camping along the way
  • High speed train to Paris
  • Fly home
Patty and I are wading through train travel matters, renting bikes, and a myriad of other trip necessities. We are at 4 weeks and counting, for departure. Yahoo!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I would be buzzing with excitement about now. Do you have the number of sleeps left marked on the calender? Happy 50th! Looks like the lads in your life had it covered.

  2. Happy birthday! I'm just days from reaching that milestone myself.

    1. Happy Birthday, Randy. Here's to joining the club.

  3. Happy birthday Annie! 50 is a great milestone indeed and you are choosing a wonderful way to celebrate it. Hiking and biking in Europe sounds perfect, looking forward to reading about it.

  4. Fabulous fifty for sure. Happy Birthday! Looks like we're both Leos. Not that I'm into astrology. :-)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a good one.


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