Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Zigzag Way

Whether my youngest boy is on skates, scooter, or bike we mix it up when it comes to going home from school. He often chooses this route through the university campus. "Mommy, let's go the zigzag way." While the students trot up and down the stairs, we take the handicap access, weaving among the pedestrians like it's a labyrinth.

Watch out for the the railing!
After the serpentine part there is one last sharp turn. But this doorway also leads to a bathroom, which often reminds my boy that he has to "go."

We also look ahead before the turn. As the markings indicate, the college students skid on the descent.

Then it's free sailing, so-to-speak, with a gentle incline. I particularly like the interplay of stairs, rails, red metal and glass from this vantage.

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