Sunday, May 13, 2012

Treated to a View

On my commute home there is a point where my wheels head west, directly at Lake Champlain. All day showers threatened in between bursts of magnificent sunshine. I didn't know if I'd pedal in rain pants or hike up my tights for fresh air. As it turned out the moisture kept at bay and I was treated a lovely view. Light rain was falling across the lake and yet the clarity of New York's mountains, nearly ten miles across, is absolutely astounding. This is always a sign that stable weather is coming.

Now, three days later, I am sore from spending 8 hours roofing our family's lakefront camp. The clear weather did arrive. I rode to camp yesterday and home after the long day. But today, Mother's Day, I will gently pedal with my husband for a bit, probably along this lakefront that we dearly love. And gobble the Extra Dark Lindt Truffles that were part of my gift.


  1. Sounds like you have earned those Truffles.....


  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is! And happy Mother's Day to all :)

      The DC

  3. Hope you had a great Mother's Day. I rode with the hubby today too, which I hadn't done for awhile.

    1. Riding with the hub is always special and something I can't ever get enough of...stay tuned, you wouldn't believe what I found at the beginning of our ride!

      Mothers Day was filled with time to myself for creative sewing, bike riding with my youngest son, and a dinner with lots of relatives. I didn't partake in any roofing chores today.

  4. There are certain views on regular rides that always make a bicyclist smile. It could be the first hint of water, a tree that means you're close to home or the vista from a hilltop that highlights the finish of a hated climb.

    I've a feeling this one rates a grin :-)

    Happy chockie gobbling!

  5. Your Mother's Day sounds a bit like mine, chocolates and family get together, nice way to spend a special Sunday!

  6. Heh. I think you are the first person I have run into, either virtual or irl, that also owns a Ross bike! I have a Ross Mt. Pocono mountain bike. Happy ridin! Cya


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