Sunday, May 6, 2012

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Ah, you can't beat the scent of cherry and apple blossoms. Lately my commute is filled with wonderful trees in bloom, cool mornings, even the mist brings its own earthy smells.

Lilacs are heady; heavy heads sway in the breeze.

Crab apple orchard is a pink and white delight.

Beside the road solitary yellow wispy flowers spring forth.

Lots of daffodils. The sounds of tractors and lawn mowers.

Tenacious violets that come back year after year.

I even love the profusion of dandelions. I know my husband will be mowing soon to eradicate the strong yellow heads. Me, I call 'em natural beauty.

When I shift into lower gears to make the last climb to my workplace I glance downward. Oh yuck. There's a mangled worm on the bottom bracket. Another sign of Spring. It's enough to make me cry. Or laugh. Because without our friend the worm, we wouldn't have nature's artistry.


  1. Gorgeous blooms! Makes for a very pretty spring in your neck of the woods. But that worm...totally would have grossed me out!

  2. Spring is in the air! What a lovely ride, particularly passing the crab apple blossom (I love crab apple jam). But, I'm with Kara on the worm!

    1. Crab apple jam sounds yummy. Never heard of it.

  3. Spring! it looks lovely from here where we are going into winter!

  4. Very beautiful place to ride you have,my friend! I wouldn't worry about the worm,muck on the bike is part of the fun...but then,I'm a mtn biker first and foremost (nevermind that I ride road and MUP's WAY more than trail now-a-days,LOL! :p) :p :)

    The DC

    1. I tend to get at least one worm a year attached to a bike!

  5. I love your wonderful images of spring...Looks like you have a lovely colourful ride in your part of the world.



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