Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunger and The Drawer

I was pedaling home in a headwind when, after 8 miles, I began to slow. Then I got downright shaky. As I headed to the pet store on an errand, I did some stupid maneuvers: unsafely crossing streets before the walk signal lit, not once but twice. I was cranky, agitated, and unable to concentrate, in other words I was in serious caloric deficit. I was bent on getting the rabbit food so I could get home and fill my face. Fortunately, as I dug in the pannier for my wallet, I also extracted a granola bar and gobbled it on the spot.

During commuting times I try to keep snacks in my desk drawer.
I'd forgotten to hit The Drawer before I left work. At 3 p.m. when that flagging energy zaps all office workers I usually grab a snack. But this time I'd only gobbled chocolate chips and, while it satisfies my chocolate craving, it doesn't provide proper fuel to stave off panic mode miles down the road.

This instance reminded me of two episodes on our world tour. One was in Germany and we'd eaten a big breakfast before setting off, but 45 minutes later I stopped, barely able to pedal. I was famished. So I ate two hunks of bread with jam and that cured my hunger. The other time was in Turkey and we were riding up a mile long hill. It wasn't steep, but I had to suck it up and walk. It was the first time on our adventure that I couldn't ride hills, normally a source of intense pride.

You'd think I'd learned my lesson. And though it's only an 11 mile one-way commute, sometimes it feels like I'm bike touring and I should pay attention to what my body needs.

Does anyone else encounter low blood sugar on a ride to/from work?


  1. As a house parent (I call it "forced retirement at 38,LOL) I don't have a work commute,but I do utility ride (errands,grocery runs,etc),as well as joy riding and mtn biking...I've experienced what you describe during each. I've learned to keep a Payday bar in every seatpack or pannier for those times,LOL (note: Not liking Payday bars ensures they'll be there when I need them as I won't eat them for pleasure ;),and they last a long time in the bags :P).

    The Disabled Cyclist

  2. How do you do that? If I owned that draw there would be the sound of ripping wrappers, snuffles of contentment and within 5 mins I would be snoring, crumbs on my chin and the draw yawning empty!

    If I tried carrying them in my pannier I would cycle 5 mins and then convince myself I had double-vision due to an energy slump.

    I don't need a draw, but, I'd love the willpower, sigh.

  3. These aren't my favorite snacks so no problem resisting. It's the chocolate that I frequently attack.


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