Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dual Personas

Since I've owned the Ross Mount Saint Helens and decked it out with baskets and flowers, I too have taken on this metamorphosis. I have transformed from a mountain-bike-only commuter into a flamboyant, skirted, swinging-pigtail-loving middle aged mom on a girly bike. I must have this latent artsy side that is bursting through, embracing this love of color and individualism.

On the other hand, while I commute or tour, I'm ever a practical cyclist. I wear breathable clothing, bike shoes, haul rain gear, tote tools, pump, and first aid kit. 

City girl on a step-through bike. Skirt swinging, tootling, visiting coffee shops, flowers on her bag.

Commuter girl in the country. Touring bike or mountain bike, tights, blue jacket, even shoe covers—for goodness sake!

I find this dichotomy quite interesting. And fun. In fact, I was never this way until I fixed up the girly bike. Do you ever feel like two different riders, completely changing your appearance?


  1. Yes I do...from baggie clad singletrrack shredding middle age'd mtn biker,to casual dressed grocery getter,to fun or funky dressed soccer Dad out with the kids....different bikes,different dress,and different rides :P

    Good thought provoking read,my friend :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

  2. Even what I say changes, probably most notably between my actual mountain bike when riding on trails vs. my road bike while wearing lycra and riding with other road bikes. In the middle is the happy commuter who waves at everyone and sings to himself.

  3. I am the same, except that I now only do the around town version of skirt, scarf, etc, usually matching my bike. When I was working, it was a short commute and done in office clothes, and when I used to train it was in sporty gear.

  4. I love the story. I get different reactions depending on whether I'm riding in my girly guise (skirt, heels, etc.) or fully kitted out & clipped in. Same bike.

    I found you in my quest to compile a list of women’s bike blogs, which I then feature via Twitter (@womenbikeblogs) and Facebook ( I’m tweeting you as the featured blog soon and hope it brings you new readers.

    The full list is on my own blog at I update it every so often so the links aren’t always up-to-date but I do clean it up periodically. Let me know if you ever add a Twitter account or Facebook piece to what you do.

    Happy biking and blogging!


    1. Thank you Barb for kudos. Your list is impressive. So many other blogs have inspired me to keep writing. I've always been a rider, but not both.

  5. Annie, I think it would take more than a sit-up-and-beg to bring out my girly side. But, I do notice a difference in my mind set between commuting on the Surly and pootling on the little Dahon folder. So much so, that this year I intend to get a Dutch style bike. Different bike, different attitude - I've only discovered that recently :-)

  6. Oh, I love all the personas I put on with each bike I ride: the tough mountain bike chic on the MTB, the stylish fashionista on the Pashley, the speedy girl on the road bike, and the cool commuter on the Sam Hilllborne. It's all so much fun.


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