Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Entry in the Bike Give Away

Well I did it. I entered  Bicycling's Bike Give Away  contest. I tried my best to limit my word length to less than 150 words. The gist: describe what my bike means to me, describe where it takes me, and why I need a new one. Winner chooses a bike reviewed in the April issue. I'm pining for the lowly Breezer, and I use the term "lowly" tongue-in-cheek, because ironically it happens to be the least expensive bicycle up for grabs. But it's the one I would take, should I miraculously win. Here's my entry:

Thanks for rescuing me from a neighbor’s sale. You gave me purpose, adding fenders, racks, even an orange flower to color my beefy black frame. I’m charmed you wrote your name in gilded Sharpie on my tubing. I know I’m not pretty; I’m buffed that you pedal with your son to his school or take me on dirt roads and Burlington’s waterfront trail. I know you desire curvy handlebars, a sexier finish, and less heft. I can’t compete with the Breezer Uptown. I know it’s your heart’s desire for a plucky yet retro-styled ride. But I’ll remain your soul mate for as long as you’ll have me. I’ll brood and shed tears of dust when I must go, but hope you donate me to Bike Recycle or to a lady that will love me as you have, anything but abandoned to the wreckage of another garage sale.

And shhh, don't tell my Ross what I'm up to. 


  1. As always, enjoying your posts. Good luck in the contest. Getting a new bike is so much fun!

  2. If you win, you could pick the most expensive carbon fiber racing bike with the best parts that's under the prize limit, then strip off all the super-light expensive including the wheels, sell them on e-bay, and buy a Breezer Uptown or Infinity with the proceeds. With the remaining money from the parts, buy practical commuter parts, wheels, baskets, fenders, and a squeezy bulb horn, and put them on the expensive carbon fiber frame, thereby having both a very nice commuter bike and an ironic anniebikes bike.

    1. Oh John, aren't you the practical one! I admit I'd thought about it before I submitted my essay...but I'd be more inclined to sell the expensive bike for whatever I could get (one transaction equals less work) and then buy the Breezer.

      My idea was to strive for the bike I really wanted. I'm thinking that other entries wouldn't specify a particular bike. But I could be all wet here...

      As an aside, this was the only commuter bike that Bicycling recommended. Isn't that pathetic? Most were the expensive carbon fiber jobbies. I will not be renewing my subscription.

      Contest is open until March 31. I challenge you to submit an entry.

  3. JRA: Good idears! :)

    Good luck in the contest,my friend,and good entry you penned :)

    The Disabled Cyclist


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