Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hauling a Christmas Tree on a Bike

Last weekend we went to pick out a Christmas Tree. As we waited a bit in traffic it occurred to me that maybe I could've hauled one home on my bike. A rear rack can handle 50 lbs. Sure, it might be awkward, but I presume it's a possibility. One year I brought home 3 wreaths in this manner.

In 2009 a family used a cargo bike with lots of twine. And that's also lugging children, plus the tree weight!

Photo credit: Full Hands
Wow. This year there is even a Trees by Bike business in Portland, Oregon. Noble and Douglas Fir trees delivered right to your door. Service with a smile.
Photo credit: Trees by Bike
Check out this video by Mike Vogel. He uses a cargo bike to carry his pick. Who knows how far he has to pedal home?

Back at our house I cut a lower branch off the tree before bringing it indoors. I struggled under the weight and sheer unwieldy nature of the 8-foot monster. The trunk is pretty heavy. I called to my family for help. I truly wonder whether I could balance such a load on a regular-sized bike rack. Theoretically, the measurements work, but load carrying and torque may be factors I hadn't considered. Plus the shear pull on the rear wheel. I might be doing wheelies all the way home.

I could always down-size the tree and carry it like a sack of groceries like the Dutch.


  1. I am pretty ambitious about hauling stuff on my rear rack, like a crock pot and fixings for a potluck today, but a tree sounds too heavy and unwieldy to me.

  2. In the spirit of the season. Everyone seems so happy!


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