Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bridge of Addison County

We are fortunate that the new Champlain Bridge is open to traffic, linking New York with Vermont. Thanks to federal dollars and to all that chimed in on a design preference, it's a swanky look reminiscent of the older, crumbling structure that was condemned two years ago.

New bridge. Photo credit:
Old bridge. Photo credit: Wikipedia
Important to cyclists and pedestrians, the bridge now has sidewalks - and two, at that! Two years ago when I pedaled over the old bridge, one lane was already closed, full of heavy equipment and workers. At that time a light at each end managed the traffic flow. I got to the top of the bridge and trucks began crawling up the opposite side right at me. I had nowhere to go so a guy in the construction zone came out and waved the truck backwards. Helpless, I watched several vehicles inch back off the bridge. Needless to say, the new structure is welcome.

The hub and I recently drove over the bridge and marveled at its sleek new design.

For more information and photos, visit:
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