Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Destroying Demons on the Diagonal

Jeff Sambur, two-time Warm Showers visitor to our home, has recently published a novel which is sure to entertain cycling enthusiast and armchair travelers alike.

Jeff has wanderlust pegged to a T. His 20 years as a firefighter in Colorado, innumerable backpacking adventures, various cycling trips, and his love of minor league baseball set the scene for this backyard look at America.

Destroying Demons on the Diagonal can be found on Amazon, and has good reviews. Add this tale to your Christmas list this year. I know I will.

In Jeff's words:

Don’t let the title or the cover scare you off; the book is a light-hearted account of my San Diego to Maine bicycle ride into retirement

Come along with me as we pedal to: The Salton Sea, the Colorado River, Route 66, the Continental Divide, the Santa Fe Trail, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the headwaters of the Mississippi, the five Great Lakes, the highest points in three states, and fifteen baseball stadiums.

Along the way, we’ll meet farmers, felons, friends (new and old ones), vagabonds and heaps of good-natured American folks. There’s history, geography and a few of my musings and opinions. Heck! You might even learn a few fun factoids for the next Trivial Pursuit game.

Available online.

I reviewed this book in February 2012.

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