Friday, December 2, 2011

25 m.p.h. Speed Limit in Burlington

I was impressed that the signage went up so quickly as Burlington's citywide 30 mph speed limit falls to 25 mph this week. There will not be additional enforcement, but I am optimistic that we will see a marked slowing in traffic. Of course, as the winter progresses the snow and ice works its own magic, reducing speed.

Photo credit: Burlington Free Press
This is a major coup for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. It's time to celebrate.


  1. Exciting news for Burlington indeed! Congrats... I love to hear about these changes coming to fruition, which I will write about in my last official post on 5 December 11.

  2. I am not convinced that setting speed limit at 25mph CITYWIDE is the best thing to do. It essentially slows down motorists to crawl.

    What makes more sense is to create zones of slower traffic around residential areas, while build protected bike lanes on those main streets with faster car traffic. This way you reach the true compromise: safety for cyclists without slowing down drivers.

  3. Thank you bosotonbybike for your constructive comment. I should have mentioned that 4 roadways have retained their 30 mph limit. Unfortunately those few roads do not have the best bike infrastructure either. Burlington may be a "hip, happening" town to many, but to us serious bike commuters it falls short. Fortunately, we have a pedestrian/bicycle council that is working hard to gain improvements.

    I'd like to think that slowing the speed limit will make it safer for all and not anger drivers in the process.


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