Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow and the Post Office

I love doing errands by bicycle, especially when every 50 plus degree day feels like a gift during November. My youngest boy and I set off for the Post Office via sidewalks to mail a bikey thing to a friend. It may be a while before little guy's riding skills are safe enough to be on the roads. I keep a verbal and hand signal conversation with him as he follows.

"Stopping at the intersection."
"It's slippery. Better walk."
"Pedestrian up ahead."
"There's a hole."

There were melting snow humps on the walks leftover from the plow. It was fun to crash through them.

At the Post Office we lock our bikes to the fence. It"s not just any fence either, but one constructed of wrought iron. It probably was not intended to be a bike rack, but functions well as one, considering there is not any official bike parking.

 This son is turning into quite a character. He makes me laugh!

Have a nice "smiley" day!


  1. Yesterday the temps were in the high 50's here and I got a chance to go for a nice 3.5 mile run. The temps today and tomorrow will be in the 50's, so I plan to do all my errands by bicycle. My son wants tacos tonight, so it's all the things I can pick up at the local market in the historical distric. My new panniers should work fine for holding all the ingredients :). Thanks to you and the boy for mailing the bikey thing.

  2. The fence is makes a perfect bike corral. Your pannier is quite lovely, btw.

  3. You will find more about the pannier here.


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