Monday, October 3, 2011

Roadside Treasures

There is no disputing the fact that riding a bike has advantages. One benefit people may never consider is the hidden treasure in the gutter. I am not kidding! Really. Over the years I have found tools, bungee cords, a bicycle seat cushion, bandanas, clothes, a colander, nice sunglasses, a pair of deerskin gloves, bike oil, and a ground pad. You may laugh. Or think I'm silly. But the reality is that lots of things get tossed or lost from trailers, bike racks, etc. all the time.

I found this 2-gallon Tupperware container last week. I didn't pick it up the first day because I only saw the bottom, but the next time I found the lid a few yards beforehand. I scooped this baby up quickly. We can always use more storage containers at home.

This sage green cotton cap is embroidered with a local TV station logo. Our boys need hats.

Of course I don't pick up everything I find, like the single shoe or wet, greasy, disgusting material, or underwear - ick. I  do have scruples.

My 12-year old loves this fleece coat that I found this summer. A little soap works wonders.

If the item has value to me or possibly to a friend, I check it out. If it was something that I could return I would, but it never is. I think of it as a reward for riding to work. Why not at least recycle or up-cycle (gift to someone)? Think of it as Green-up Day year round.

What roadside prizes have you found?

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  1. I love finding things on my rides!! I have even been known to dumpster dive outside of a tile shop. I too have scruples, but I love re-cycling as much as I can, if its useful or in usable condition. In fact, on Sunday I hauled home a perfectly good new looking wicker basket that will hold my papers very nicely. Right now, they are loose on a shelf and I had been thinking of having something to put them in! Funny how that happens!! ;)


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