Sunday, October 2, 2011

Causeway Sunshine

While our youngest boy was at a birthday party (free childcare!) my husband and I decided to take advantage of  the glorious fall afternoon and head out to the causeway. On the way we passed another waterfront festival. A bicycle powered carousel entertained toddlers.

Miles later we were out on the lake. I like the sound of the gravel underneath our tires. The water was still high from Irene, but not dangerously so, especially without any wind. The lake was like glass. A perfectly beautiful time to be out there on a bike.

Surprisingly, most of the holes were repaired out to the first bridge. What a delight! In spite of my mixed feelings regarding causeway repair, I was hopeful for more construction. We met a lady returning on her bike (she swims the gap with a bunch of people, hikes miles to an orchard, picks apples, and returns the same way-wow!). She assured us the South Hero end was ride-able too. With these warm thoughts we turned around and enjoyed the pedal back to pick up our son.

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