Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mt. Orford National Park - Part Two

The second day in the park our oldest boy stayed behind to nurse his leg and 12 year old personality while the rest of  the family explored a dirt road which, again, began from the campground. It was steeper in places, but eventually flattened out into more gentle rises and s-turns. Number two son has amazing physical gumption and finesse so he was certainly the more agreeable son to take along.

At the turnaround point we pedaled back a couple miles and took a break outside a cross country ski cabin and spied turtles in a pond. A short while later we descended easily back to the campground. Number one son was in a better mood and had been riding short loops around the campsite - yay!

We spent the afternoon at Lac Stukely. The park does not allow music unless you use earbuds nor does it allow animals so the busy lawn seemed very quiet and family friendly. A snack bar provides eats and treats and rental boats are nearby. It was a pleasant place to swim  - without water shoes - as we are used to protecting ourselves from zebra mussels in Lake Champlain.

Day three started out warm and we turned to hiking up Mt. Chauve. Carrying some water, granola bars, and a few brownies we set out even though it was difficult to understand the total distance on the map.

Fortunately it was mostly a shady hike, with beautiful trees, stream crossings, rocks to climb, and a gentle incline. A friendly two foot snake was a great source of amusement. He hung out not far from us until we let him cross the trail and bask in a sunny spot.

Lots of people passed us, many with children. I was pleased that we kept going, but we rationed our food, not realizing how long the hike would be.

Mt. Chauve means "bald mountain" and the summit provided spectacular views of the park. Number one son set up this wonderful panorama photo. Hawks and buzzards soared overhead.

We all were very tired and hungry and thirsty on the descent, but we gobbled food from the snack bar at the beach, then spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off in the lake. We rented a kayak and played around in the water, or read a book until early evening.

The kids made a mini campfire in the campsite metal grate. Later we spied three raccoons in the woods. 

By morning it was raining and with a forecast of showers all day we packed up and set off for Montreal. We enjoyed the Archeological Museum and a dinner of crepes before a late drive home.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Kudos to both boys for keeping up with Mom and Dad.


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