Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Basket and Chinese Dumplings

I went with one of my sons to ReStore to check out a Mixte, but it was sold. I did find a sturdy basket, though, that's a perfect match for the back of my Ross.

Carrying handles flip up to become a market basket to bring into a store. And much cheaper than buying a bike.

A few blocks away we wait in a line for fresh dumplings from an outdoor cart.

 That's my bike and new basket to the right.

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Ah, yummy bliss. Fresh pork and chicken, and crab and cream cheese dumplings piled onto a plate. Mrs. Hong adds a complimentary one as she recognizes us a repeat customers. I squirt a puddle of her homemade cranberry sauce and duck sauce for dipping later.

Mrs. Hong's Dumplings have been a staple on the Church Street Market Place for a dozen years. WCAX recently interviewed Mrs. Hong. It's a nice exposé of her one-woman operation.


  1. I'd cycle there in a moment, if I could! They look great!

  2. Yum - they look so good. I like your new basket too.


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