Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Old Summertime

I recently submitted several photos and posts to LGRAB's Summer Games. I started thinking about what summer means to me and composed these lines while pedaling to and from work.

Summer is :
waking early to a bird ruckus
cycling barefoot in sandals
wildflowers bending in a warm breeze
the sweet smell of ripe cornfields
a waft of cow manure
the thwack of insects on my arm
bike camping with someone I love
a margarita, a good book, and a lawn chair
wearing a wet bathing suit all afternoon
thunder and lightening excitement
maple creemees
drinking from a water bottle, miss your mouth and get an unexpected, refreshing shower
the metallic ping of a spoke breaking - ugh
cicadas buzzing
kissing sleepy boys goodnight
falling asleep to the whir of a fan

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