Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Own Family Adventure Tour

Another mom and I organized our own overnight Family Bike Adventure. It was a hot weekend, but we were pleased that we didn't need to cancel because of rain.

There were five families. We set off in two groups. After 5 miles we took a break on the Winooski River Bridge to gobble granola bars.

The children enjoyed watching the teenagers jumping off the bridge. (The parents took a moment to teach about the dangers of that activity.)

Another mile of pedaling, then a nice break for water, more snacks, and some play.

I doused my shirt under the bathroom faucet.

I overheard one child tell his mom, "Can we do more of this riding and camping?" It was music to my ears. We hadn't even arrived at the campground and the 8 year old already knew he wanted to do more of this!

Four more miles (a total of 10 miles) and we arrived at the campground. Parents monitored the pool while some adults pedaled back to retrieve the car or set up tents.

We called ahead for Italian food, patronizing a local restaurant. I love how family eating can be a simple affair.

It's a nice group of families that mostly know each other. Some had attended last year's Local Motion sponsored event. 

A city park is next door, complete with playground, skateboard park, tennis courts, basketball courts, and beach.

The beauty of having a vehicle -  the children got to bring their favorite toys.

Breaks were a prerequisite in the heat.

One family brought S'more fixings and sparklers for after dark treats.

Early the next morning my husband and I set out for fresh bagels, juice, and a jug of coffee for all.

More pool time and beach time. The kids discovered a water pipe emptying onto the sand. Creative engineering ensued...
...while parents cooled off in the lake or rested in a shady spot on the lawn.

By mid morning I drove our vehicle home and pedaled back towards our group. I almost made it to the campground, but was glad I was able to capture this image of 11 parents and children on bikes. They were just beginning the 1/2 mile stretch that was on-road.

Minutes later we comfortably pedaled Colchester's new section of bike path. Later some of us split off from the main group for a swim in the lake or to enjoy creemees. I heard that two families went to Ben & Jerry's for a Vermontster. After all, it was National Ice Cream Day.

We had initially hoped to have 10 families attend, but many had alternative plans or needed a quiet weekend. As it turns out, our small group was perfect and made for less organization.

A link to our route: <>


  1. What a neat idea! Its so cool that 5 families got together to do this, and that the trip contained enough varied activities to keep the attention span(s) of the kids in check.

  2. Utopia described. Love all the photos!

  3. Yay! Thanks Annie for putting this together. So sorry that the Bike Ferry season was washed out. We definitely want to help out again when we get the ferry up and running!

  4. Biking and camping - what a great idea for spending the day and keeping the kids entertained and active - love this!


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