Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maintenance Log

Years ago I decided to keep a maintenance log for all my bikes. I track replacement of chains, tires, adding racks or bike bling, or anything else of note.

It also shows how much I ride a particular bike or, in the case of my Ross, the year I bought it from a neighbor's garage sale. You can see my titles at the top of each page - I called the Ross a "Green/Black Bike".

I can tell that I resurrected the Miyata in 2009. The Miyata also has a new back wheel and freewheel of which I've been increasingly unhappy with, so the added benefit of a log is that I can also monitor that arrangement.

Does anyone else do something similar to this?


  1. I don't do this - but should! This is a good idea. The closest I come is to put all bike-related receipts into one shoe box, but its not organized and a log book would be a great addition.

  2. No. Great tip and idea. I may start one now. I've kept a journal, since my early twenties, but I haven't been as faithful to journaling (except for the blog) since hitting my forties.

  3. Nice repair log, especially b/c you're not using Excel. Handwritten notes have an added aesthetic and value.

  4. I tried to start this habit. It seems like a good idea. However, I keep falling back on the "ride it till it breaks" approach.


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