Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Smug Mug

After the last post I began thinking more of my good friend P. and how many thoughtful gifts she has sent my way. For our birthdays we mail each other a stack of books that we've read with little sticky notes inside each one with a brief message about the book. An interesting chocolate bar usually accompanies the package. At Christmas we do the same thing plus P. usually inserts her special candy which I hoard from my family and consume within two weeks.

One time P. sent this wonderful mug.

At first glance I thought, neat, a bike mug, but upon closer inspection the people are toting spears, poised to throw at an...


This mug makes me laugh every time I drink my coffee.


  1. That's so charming. And a neat idea with the books.

  2. I wonder how historical would have unfolded if Neanderthals had bikes...? Hmm...


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