Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Afternoon Bike Shop

64 F, light wind, sunny

Easter afternoon the kids were scattered throughout the neighborhood and my husband decided to go for a walk. I needed to be around so I set up the driveway with bike tools and stand up pump. First, my old seat on my Trek had to go. I put the old one (but still very usable with a slight tear) on my kid's bike, replacing a very hard saddle that my son had been complaining about for nearly a year.

New seat is on the right, men's style. The leather Miyata seat is longer and slightly wider, women's style. Usually a woman's saddle is shorter and wider, but for some reason this one is different.

Next up for replacement were two front tires. The Miyata now has a tire with less profile. Hopefully I will have a quieter commute without gravel and dirt scratching the inside of the fender. The Trek's front tire had cracked, showing the red color of the inner rubber. I checked my bike log. I can't believe the tire lasted five years.

While I struggled with removing both tires a neighbor came by to borrow tire levers and pump. He was removing his studded tires. I guess it's really Spring!

I also added a bell to one of my son's handlebars, a gift in his Easter basket.

Then, my husband returned. Our youngest boy went to a neighbor's home to play with his friend. Her father was happy to keep an eye on both kids for a while, and my husband and I went our for a bike ride. Our neighborhood rocks!

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