Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skirts on Bikes

Brown is cotton; lime is rayon; blue/purple is wool with a liner;
 red/brown is cotton. 
Last fall I purchased a handful of inexpensive skirts. Here is my current collection along with a black lycra skort (not pictured). I have black, grey, and brown tights which coordinate well with these colors. In warmer weather I wear skirts over shorts. These aren't for the long rides to work or on a tour, but for the cruise around town on errands on my girly bike. I love wearing some color and the style is flattering on my long torso. Even my husband, who isn't often flush with praise, has complimented me on my attire.

I haven't always loved skirts. I attribute this recent phenomena to never having raised a girl to be able to dress up and preen  (I have two gnarly boys - think computer geek and sports nut who always leave the toilet seat up), to having a middle age work crisis (I'm retraining at a local college), to needing some color in my life. For years I've envied those little preschool and elementary girls who wear tights under darling dresses - I'm long past the coloring and nap stage, but certainly old enough to wear what I want. I believe it also stems from loving the upright bike style with the step through frame, which you can ride with everyday clothing. And if you stretch that thinking a bit further, shouldn't we all be able to get on a bike and ride to the store, clothes be damned? All of these reasons sent me scrambling to add these cute skirts to my wardrobe.

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