Monday, February 7, 2011

Trading Bicycle for Skis

Norge skis

 Bikes are never far from my mind, but with the awesome winter we've been having I've traded my cycling for cross country skiing. Years ago I acquired my mother-in-law's old wooden skis. They are not just any old skis either, but beautiful, classic, waxable Norwegian skis with gold-colored three-pin bindings. They must be 40 years old. I swoosh and glide much faster than on my waxless Karhus. I am a Vermonter and skier, but I had never experienced how lightweight and fast waxable skis propel you through the snow.

Intervale's groomed trail

If I can't ride a bicycle I'll take skiing any day. I suppose I could pedal on a trainer, but I'd be bored. I'd rather be outdoors, making tracks. I never get cold and it doesn't cost any money. I can zip along on a nearby country club golf course, ski groomed tracks at the Intervale, or create loops in our neighborhood backyards. Like cycling, it gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment getting somewhere under my own power, a good workout and puts a big smile on my face. It's also the perfect venue for a "date" with my husband.

"date" time

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