Friday, January 7, 2011

Designing Jewelry at BRV

I had an especially interesting evening at Bike Recycle Vermont, digging through bins for a coveted bike part, then using the smelly degreaser to clean the grime before heading back to my seat and threading the part on my necklace. I wasn't sure what to think as I initially headed inside for the Thursday evening class (I was already half an hour late)—clearly most folks knew each other, a 20-something group of bike riders, the camaraderie evident. But there was one person with grey hair and, though I didn't know her, I realized maybe I wouldn't be the oddball.

This month BRV is putting on a series called Crafters Circle, using re-purposed bike parts. Last evening's event centered on fabricating jewelry. I am intrigued by the upcoming classes on wind chimes and spoke bracelets.

I brought a bead kit along with me to add some color to my necklace. Notice the bearing race, quick release spring and screw, and aluminum brake parts (top). A woman created earrings from spacers and screws; another cut patterns from a tire tube for a bracelet; one person braided tubes into a belt. A lady was inspired by two freewheels—she connected both with a length of cable and will use her creation as a towel rack.

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