Friday, January 14, 2011

Cycle Chimes for Non-Cycling Times

It's nice to have somthing bike related to do in January besides routine maintence on my fleet in our dark basement. Uggh, I'd rather go out and ski laps in our backyard...

My 8-year old son and I attended the weekly Crafters Circle at Bike Recycle Vermont. His creation (shown here) was inspired by a simpler version suspended from a light fixture inside the shop. He especially liked crimping the ferrules (I learned a new word) with needle nose pliers. This connected the pieces of cable and all the chain rings, etc. together.

I made chimes too, using cut up bike frames, and will post a photo once it's finished.

Curious about other recycled wind chimes I did a quick search and came up with another beautiful creation. Can you hear all the lovely sounds?
Second Wind Chimes

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