Friday, February 17, 2023

The Winter That Was


This winter, like much of the mid-west, has been above normal temperature-wise and lacks abundant snowfall. Brief reprieves from intense cold have been prolonged and spring-like warmth has certainly been weird, but welcome! 

I embrace riding my bike in the winter with studded tires, and equally I've been enjoying exploring again on my Dahon on snow-free paths. The folder has been updated with new Gripshifter, new cables with purple housing, new cassette and chain, plus a permanent fix for a rattling rear fender. Recently, the bottom bracket has been creaking more so I have plans to give my spry Dahon more love.

Though the unseasonably warm - dare I say recording breaking - weather will not last indefinitely, the return of Canadian geese has been a nice surprise, along with more daylight. I've bolted from a home office to enjoy sunset rides, serenaded by Jupiter and Venus sparkling on the western horizon.

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