Friday, March 4, 2022

One Step Forward

Keeping the fire alive through winter night rides.

As the temperatures slowly warm, I'm heartened that the world is beginning to emerge from it's Covid cocoon. It may be baby steps - rightfully so - but I'm feeling hopeful that more travel will be on our horizon. I talk daily with customers who are planning bike trips abroad. I'm amazed at their optimism, or fortitude, or devil-may-care attitude, or...I don't know, but they possess more gumption than I've allowed myself! I've been extremely cautious for family reasons, but I'm planning a simple overnight aboard my Dahon Boardwalk, with cooperative weekend weather, as soon as mid April. I'm not yet ready to fly, but taking Amtrak last year has boosted my confidence, enough to plan a similar adventure for later in 2022. And, if anything, adventure by bike is surely much safer than most forms of transportation - at least that's what I tell myself.

How is everyone else feeling about bike travel?

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  1. Wow, you are a tough cookie riding in those conditions! :) Sadly our "travel" is totally limited by our fix retirement income so we hope to possibly do a overnight or weekend bike ride but who knows. We'd also like to do at least one "out of State" rail trail, it's just finding the funds to rent a truck (we have recumbent trikes, can't afford to own a car), motel rooms, etc. at 67, we don't "tent camp" well but we might give it a try. Just hate to buy all the equipment, then find out we really hate camping! We are lucky here in So. CO. it does get cold and snow but most of the time we get at least one day a week that's ridable. Had really good weather the last 3 days. Your bike trips sound like a blast, all we can do is hope 2022 will be a bit more normal for all of us! :)


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