Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Allowing a Little Light In

The ups and downs of this year have been overwhelming. I'm trying to find glimmers of hope, and sometimes that's in unexpected places. Like this beach scene above. In sweltering heat, I've donned a swimsuit and bike shorts and hightailed it after work to swim at different beaches, several days in a row. The rainbows and sunsets have been incredible - I even tried to view a sunset and full moonrise in the same evening, but unfortunately clouds obscured the eastern sky.

I've primarily been riding both folding bikes. It's been a fun comparison because each have their strengths and I'm fixing to measure key details so I can assess why they perform so differently. One of these days I'll fix the flat tire on my commuter bike...

Riding with the Queen City Bike Club has provided a social outlet - my only social network, other than monthly get togethers with two dear friends. 

As we all navigate this new normal, it's important to have goals  - close to home if it feels right or further afield, whatever is within our comfort zone. It's okay to ride a roller coaster, so-to-speak, but oh so important to remain positive. Go ride a bike!

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  1. It good to have such wonderful places on your doorstep and a short ride away. My bike club is a wonderful social out too, friendship, exercise and laughter, what more is there!!


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