Friday, July 16, 2021

Flying By the Seat of My Bike Shorts

Riding scary trails at Perry Hill until I discovered less crowded part of the system.
Slowly meandering in the woods was more my style.

This summer has been a whirlwind, escaping the home office for rides of any flavor: mountain biking on weekends, evening tootles anywhere, and sometimes setting out without a particular destination, hoping for inspiration en route.

Foam Brewery has a nice terrace.

I check out outdoor restaurants and breweries, wishing for available tables, often finding crowds and waiting lines - not a comfortable dining situation for me at the moment. I got lucky one Tuesday evening at a popular microbrewery and spent a delightful time by myself - a one woman party until sundown - eventually cruising homeward on a balmy night. 

What a refreshing plunge into lighted pathways again! Normally dodging pedestrians and ringing my bell, I'm reminded how much I miss the quiet night and the sounds of crashing waves on nearby Lake Champlain. 

I've had a grand time trying out different Terry bike shorts. Who knew I'd love compression and padding, least of all this aging cyclist? I have favorites that I prefer, and shockingly love capri/knicker length style when conditions warrant extra coverage. I'm not sure where this current opportunity is going but I'm enjoying daily comfortable bike rides.

We escaped Vermont for a Father's Day overnight ride to visit a friend in New York. Surprisingly, our youngest son tagged along, seizing the opportunity to try his new gravel bike. It was rather hot, but taking a ferry across Lake Champlain, and shady New York roads were delightful.

Charlotte covered bridge, a favorite route to the ferry dock.
And returning the next day, our friend and her companion lead us on an alternate route back to the ferry.

On the home front bike shop, I'm slowly getting to know the Dahon Eco 3 by fits and starts, firstly by adjusting the derailleur, surprising myself that I could actually do it! Up next will be a new seat and remove the obnoxiously large and loud bell, assess the tire condition, then head out for a 10 mile shakedown. As in life, you take one day at a time with some projects, figuring it out as you go.

What else is new about 2020-2021?