Friday, June 18, 2021

Meet the Dahon Eco 3

Dahon Eco 3, a hunk of shiny red love.

What is it about a shiny red bike that draws my eye? Is it because it's in pristine condition, newer, lighter aluminum frame with rear rack and fenders, solid equipment unlike my current folder's accessories? 

It's all of the above!

I gave myself an out too, because the last thing I need is another folding bike. To that end I made an afternoon appointment, expecting the bike to be sold by then. It is 2021 after all, and everyone wants a bicycle! And then I pedaled my Dahon Boardwalk to the sellers house to compare both bikes side by side. A test ride confirmed that the aluminum frame with steel fork rode well, the derailleur needing minimal adjustment. 

But dang, I don't need another bike, I thought.

It was practically new, hmmm, and that shiny red color, did I say how beautiful that red is? I offered considerably less than the asking price, and when the seller counteroffered, I explained my reasoning, going so far as to suggest she wait a few days, because I presumed someone would pay full asking price.

Pretty please, I thought, don't accept my offer.

Ugh, she accepted my offer! Maybe it was meant to I pedaled to the nearest ATM (see, I didn't bring cash, another out) and came back to buy THE SHINIEST RED BIKE, and it's nearly brand spanking new.

Of course, riding a bike to buy a bike has inherent problems (even with regular yoga practice I'm not Godzilla) so I returned with my husband in tow who planned on using the car at the same time. Let's just say that he didn't speak to me for a while. 

Look at the barely used freewheel!

I did my research beforehand. New, the Eco 3 was listed at 380.00 and only available in 2010-2011 - and that's without rack and fenders. 7 gears, adjustable stem, Dahon-style bungee, separate eyelets for derailleur and axle - all improvements on the Boardwalk.

The beefy rack and fenders are worth about half of what I paid (150.00) and would be an upgrade to my Boardwalk. I'm not sure what I'll do to or with this new bike. Part of me loves the Boardwalk's steel frame, part of me itches for a lighter weight folder, and I wonder if waiting for a newer, modern model, with front truss block, double chainring - more geared for touring - should be my next step.

It can still be, I suppose.

Until then. I have a new toy, er, bicycle.

Bicycle acquisition really is a rabbit hole, isn't it?