Monday, March 9, 2020

Maintaining Equilibrium During a Hectic Spring

It seemed fitting that along with Daylight Savings Time and a glorious Monday morning, with warm extended forecast, I transitioned to the Peugeot step-through darling for the foreseeable future. Upon leaving the driveway, in a fit of excitement, I instinctively lifted my leg over the seat - old habit from mounting the diamond-framed winter bike. Every time I switch bicycles, I also wonder what shape I left the bike in before abandoning it for a while. Thankfully, the Peugeot's shifting is smoother, and with narrower tires, I sped to work in record time.

Ah yes, this spring is going to be a wild ride.

I cross-country skied only twice this winter in local environs. In the mountains there's still plenty of snow.  Though I'm always torn between skiing and riding bikes, being outdoors on two wheels is daily exercise and peace of mind while we've been fixing up our current home and making far reaching decisions about our new place. Fortunately my husband and I feel like we're over the hump with house repairs and purging/packing boxes. With the weather change, I'm ready for outside chores that need to get done. Daffodils are bursting from the grey, flattened stalks that I never raked last fall, and birds are chirping.

Our new home site sits safely above the Winooski River with wonderful views. I  noticed the river ice has thawed, Canadian geese were honking overhead, and construction is coming along nicely. We move in May and establish ourselves into new routines. With the waterfront bike path two minutes away, we'll all be pedaling on two wheels, more than from our current hill location. It's all good.

Everything about this move just feels right!


  1. Hooray for spring. I hope that it brings you everything that you wish for.

  2. It sounds like you are starting an exciting new season of your life!

  3. Yes sounds like exciting times. Nice house and the location too.


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