Monday, May 14, 2018

Exploring NYC by Bicycle - Bagels, Visit to 9/11 Memorial & Museum

One of two memorial pools at the 911 World Trade Center complex placed on the former site of each tower.
Setting off from Brooklyn mid-morning we discovered a better bagel shop, Bagel World, and aim to visit more than once! It's been our mission to find the chewiest bagels in Brooklyn with the idea that on our way to Penn Station on Wednesday, we'd stop and pick up a dozen bagels for our family.

On the agenda for Mother's Day: heading into Manhattan to visit the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. Amidst showers, and a brief break at Starbucks, we are the only ones who lock our bikes at the racks.

The new 104 story One World Trade Center.

One of the towers fell across the front of one fire truck.
The entire museum is a look at the chronological events of that day while also being a memorial to those affected and a tribute to aid workers (300+ firefighters and police died) and bystanders who pitched in to help in any way possible. It's an amazing experience - do visit if you ever get the chance.

As an aside, Ghosts of Vesuvius, which other than a fascinating read about volcanoes, the author compares and explains the effects of the Twin Towers falling (air currents, heat, and spread of debris) is similar to what happens with volcanoes.

Brooklyn skyline.
 Afterwards we looped around the Battery (terrible section of bike path)...
My son and his new GoPro perched on his helmet.

 ...and swung through China Town to...

I read online that the city is considering building an upper deck to accommodate/separate bicycle traffic.
...return on the Brooklyn Bridge back to Park Slope. Since my son filmed both crossings of the East River on Sunday (time clock comparison), it's no surprise that dodging pedestrians takes longer than a straight shot over the Manhattan bridge - 16 minutes versus 6 minutes.

My son treated me to a wonderful Italian meal (and the best tiramisu I've had) at Mariella. Viva Mother's Day!


  1. The one and only visit I've had to the former towers was in 1990. I've not been back to NY since then. I remember being quite impressed with the height of the twin towers though, and I still remember standing on the top floor looking down at a helicopter hovering just below. Of course, I grew up in a relatively small farm city, so being a teenager and not having seen many larger cities at that point, I was impressed with almost everything. I actually found the people we encountered to be quite friendly though, which surprised me (there are always stories about the people of NYC). Anyway... I've wanted to go back and see the new tower, so it's fun to see your photos. The museum also sounds very interesting.

    I think more than anything what I'm enjoying about your photos is knowing that you're biking around NY with your son. My memories are of us primarily being in cabs or on a bus, and of course lots of walking the city, but I think now about how much fun it could've been to all be on a bicycle and experiencing the city (though I'm sure the cycling infrastructure has changed dramatically in the last nearly 30 years). I'm certain this is a memory your kiddo is going to hang on to for life. So great that you get to do this together! Love, love, love seeing (and reading) all of this.

    1. Thanks GE. I'm very happy that my son wanted to tag along with his mom because he liked the biking idea (who knew?). He's added a unique dimension to this trip and I realized this is the first time we've traveled together, just us two.

  2. Ah, yes, Mariela. Now you know the best Italian food is not in Manhattan!

    You and your son really seem to be bonding on this trip. Good for both of you!

    I must say, though, I still have trouble passing by the Memorial site. Even though I didn't lose anyone I know on 9/11, it still breaks my heart.

    1. Mariella is just a block from where we're staying; it looked interesting...and of course it was delightful.


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