Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Different View of My Regular Route

I watched the bus go by, momentarily mad that it had arrived several minutes early so I regrouped and decided to just start walking the 5 miles homeward. I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it all the way home, considering the two week sinus cold and ear infection that has dragged me down, but rescue was only a phone call away. I have little patience with the bus service as mentioned before and the snow storm was rather lovely.

In spite of slogging the first mile of sidewalk in 6" of mush to cut some distance, I eventually emerged onto the Spear Street bike path and into a quiet wonderland. I smiled. If I can't ride my bike, there's nothing that makes me happier than enough regular snowfall so I can ski. The footing on the path was much better so I continued, chuckling at one point because I noticed a bright bicycle headlight approaching. I stepped aside for the hardy cyclist who barely controlled his bicycle on the slope. But then I was alone again, grinning, marveling at the snow covered trees and fat flakes falling all around me.

I made it about 3.5 miles in one hour - the most exercise I'd had in 10 days - then I called for a ride. The unexpected journey homeward had filled me with hope. Hope for skiing this weekend. Hope for eventually a dry bike path for cycling. Hope that this sickness passes very soon. In the meantime I enjoyed a unique journey on a path that had become second nature on two wheels.


  1. So pretty!

    I'm glad you were able to walk for such a distance. Getting over a cold or flu can be such a difficult task (and there seems to be some particularly rotten stuff going around right now). Glad you were listening to your body as well and didn't try to go the entire distance. Hope you get to enjoy some skiing over the weekend as well!

  2. Lovely! I don't miss Michigan winters, but when I see pictures like this, I do find myself longing for the bright, quiet world of deep snowfall.

  3. Lovely photos I have had the rare pleasure to walk in a snow blanketed and silent wonderland this winter in Seattle...bliss. Especially with the right gear to stay warm & dry.

  4. I eventually got out for a wonderful ski in our nearby golf course. I do love this snow, but like Michigan and other northern states we're in a warming trend so hopefully it's back to bike commuting this week. MY nasty cold seems to be lingering, truly a nuisance.


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